JASON FELTS | CEO, Richard Branson's Virgin Produced

When thinking about Michele Barnwell's work, two things occur to me: She is seriously one of the best storytellers I have ever worked with in unscripted television. Second, she can take a cast in the most inane of circumstances, a cast who has previously refused to open up and an A-list celebrity and expertly work with them all the same. I have personally seen Michele get them all to honestly and generously open up on camera--elevating our concepts to incredible levels in production. She's an expert producer and manages a creative vision with the highest level of skill. She employs respect, leadership and kindness without the weird manipulative tricks I've seen other producers rely upon to get results. She's got a gift as a storyteller, yes. But frankly, she's a really good person too. I'm thinking it all helps! We are looking forward to seeing Virgin Produced and Reel Roost in collaboration on projects yet to come.