STAN LATHAN | Veteran TV Executive Producer & Director

Michele Barnwell first worked for me as a Supervising Producer on my HBO series Brave New Voices, back in 2009. We were planning to film this series in eight U.S. cities, over a nine-month period, following the beautifully complex (and often unmanageable) lives of forty-eight (48) teenagers. The person for this job had to be creatively competent, an excellent storyteller, organized, focused, unflappable, decisive and still somehow be pleasant to deal with over such a long schedule. When my team and I met with Michele for the job, we had already seen several senior level producers repped by the industry’s top agencies. She walked in, got grilled, challenged our vision, spoke with passion about what this series could be and I offered her the job IN THE ROOM. She helped to deliver that series with the same excellence I saw in her from day one.

Michele Barnwell is equal parts an excellent storyteller/writer, a fierce executive producer and balanced leader. She and Reel Roost Inc. have my full support and my deepest respect.